Once upon a time I was an academic, teaching college students and writing articles. Once upon a different time I worked in a bookstore, and there have also been times of working in libraries. Whatever my current path, there are always books . . . lots and lots of them. I am a book girl. Book woman. Book person. Whatever.

I love picture books. Love love love them. Always have. My favorite one as a kid was Rain Makes Applesauce, written by Julian Scheer and illustrated by Martin Bileck. That book remains perfection, but now I have too many picture book loves to single out a favorite. Sometimes on this website I will feature one of them.

Now I am a writer and illustrator of picture books, work which brings together many of my passions. I also have two beautiful kids and amazingly supportive wife. We live in the DC metro area, which is kind of insane but also pretty awesome.

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